We invest in your security

 actions speak louder than words

“I wish to personally thank you for voluntarily providing assistance to our officers as they investigated an assault.”

"You assisted law enforcement by locating and returning one individual to the scene. As a result of your involvement our officers were able to locate and identify the original suspect as well as other participants".

James T. Hurley
Chief of Police, Fernandina Beach (Ret)

How to achieve "Security"?

Private Security Agency license # B1400028 - Private investigator Agency license # A1400210

Security Guard Training School licenses # DS140008 and # DS1700029

Security is one element of your life that is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it is for an individual or family, private residence, community or business, Safe N Secure offers the right balance of components to address your particular security needs.

By combining the ‘right’ mix of services, you achieve the ‘right’ level of security. The range of Safe N Secure services is broad, including: Patrolling, 24/7 disturbance and intrusion response, real-time video monitoring, web-based software to create passes for guests and contractors, access monitoring (pool, gates, etc.), historical photo review, speed reduction options, emergency response help and more.

Technology cannot replace the human factor, but it is a great asset. Not only do we have the only real-time video monitoring station on Amelia Island, our patrol cars are networked with the station ready to be dispatched without delay. All our agents in the field wear body cameras, creating a permanent record of every event and situation they handle for you. During night patrols, Safe N Secure agents use night vision, called FLIR. This technology allows us to ‘see’ in the dark, which helps us to better protect you and ourselves.

Pairing technology with knowledge of our client's lifestyle, we can better protect you and your property.