Self-Defense Training

"A confidence builder!"  

Home-Defense Laser Simulation

"I can't say enough good things about my experience in this course. I came away with a great deal of knowledge but even more, with a good deal more confidence. Learning what we did has made me better prepared and able to approach a situation in a much safer way than I could have ever imagined. You presented your material in a very professional manner and made sure all was understood before we moved on to the next topic. Even as a beginner I never felt insecure or that I couldn't keep up. Thank you for a great day of learning with hands on experience and some good humor. I look forward to your showing my husband and me some shotgun options for our home."  

Loraine King
Amelia Plantation Residents

Women Safety Programs

"This is the Real Deal!" 

Self-Defense & Basic Pistol Course

“I have known Bernard for nearly 10 years. With both, the self-defense courses and the concealed weapons courses I found Bernard to be trustworthy, reliable, and extremely committed to providing me with the very best understanding of self-protection. He says what he means, and he means what he says…..He is the REAL DEAL!!!”.  

Darlene Morris
Fernandina Beach Resident

​​Many women are looking to gun ownership for the primary purpose of protecting themselves. At Safe N Secure, we look at gun ownership as one layer of a protection strategy. With our workshops, you will learn that it is possible to avoid a good number of bad situations simply by applying some basic policies that can be smoothly integrated into your daily life.

Whether you decide to carry a gun with you or not during your daily travels is a personal decision. But even if you maintain the firearm at home, there are many things to consider so you can effectively use it, should the need arise.

Safe N Secure has developed several workshops that provide a combination of defensive strategies, techniques, tricks and practical exercises to help one identify, avoid, escape and/or respond to the dangers that women face daily. The goal is to deter and defend, when necessary. With that in mind, workshops are designed to be realistic, but not physically demanding.

From novice to expert shooters, we have you covered! Safe N Secure operates two private shooting ranges: One on Amelia Island and one Defensive Tactics Training Facility in South Georgia.

This workshop reviews a specific gun or gun type in order to develop proficiency. We offer a variety of options ranging from basic 8-hour courses to an 80-hour (eighty) training program, depending on existing gun skill and desired target proficiency.

I Did It!

Home Defense Laser Simulation

Firearm Basic and Defensive Classes

"I now feel much safer and confident in my ability to manage a threatening situation!" 

 Self-Defense and Carry Permit House Call

“I work evenings and my husband works varied shifts. As a result I am alone and out and about at odd hours of the night. I am not allowed to have a weapon at work, and the use of deadly force is an extreme measure regulated by strict parameters. Bernard Martinage taught me personal protection strategies and moves, Bernard is an awesome instructor. I was 62 and not in great physical condition. Bernard is extremely patient and taught me, through hands on scenarios, how to defend and protect myself with little effort on my part. Bernard is upbeat, and entertaining and made the lessons thoroughly interesting. He has an extensive background in personal protection and is an NRA Certified Instructor. I now feel much safer and confident in my ability to manage threatening situations. I would unhesitatingly recommend Bernard to anyone who is interested in personal safety for themselves and their family and friends.” 

 ​Lyndan Maron
Fernandina Beach Resident