trade undercover


Despite all the information technology available doubts still brings darkness into our lives. 

Character investigation

Hourly, daily or weekly fee applies depending the extent of work required and travel requirements.​

​Trade investigation

Pricing for Trade Investigation Services is more complex because the client generally incurs the cost of employing the detective. Contracts can be set per week, month, or longer if required. Based on the type employment the detective must take to penetrate your organization we determine a fee and then deduct the net-pay/salary from the fee. If temporary relocation is required we offer you to either manage relocation directly or to pay Safe N Secure directly for all expenses. We do not markup travel, relocation and other expenses, nor do we apply any form of administrative or processing fees.

​We reserve the right to decline service to anyone.​

Character investigation 


Whether the motive for your investigative needs is ensuring that someone is worth your trust, verifying someone's loyalty, having a clear picture of the way your children are treated by an estranged spouse, or finding out more than what there seem to be about someone  who threatens you or concerns you . . .  Safe N Secure can help you acquire the knowledge you seek.   

A unique trade investigation service.


Some investigation, such as theft inside a business just cannot be done well from the outside; Yet to get inside, it takes a two-career professional. Someone who has the experience in the trade to work undercover for you inside your business, and who also is a licensed private investigator so his/her findings will hold in a court of law. 

Looking for Someone? 


Before you go on an expensive search, or even travel, consider spending an hour with us. You will be amazed with the information accessible to us to find someone. We use the same tools skip tracers use to chase criminal who skip bail.

We handle two types of investigations, one very unique

trade & Character Investigation