Practice makes perfect

Home Safety Audit

The Human Factor

You can not make a solid plan for home protection until you evaluate effectively who you are trying to protect, what their abilities are, and the level of responsibility they can handle. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer, but the answers to these questions can have a drastic impact on changes you need to make in your home/business to reduce vulnerability.

Plan of Action

The 'Plan of Action' has to take into consideration a number of criterion: What are your external circumstances, such as "How far is help", "how far are your nearest neighbors and would they help?" Also, what is your preferred strategy? Do you want an 'Escape' plan? Do you want to lock yourself in and wait for help? Or do you want to be able to hold and push back the intruders? The plan also takes into consideration special circumstances. For example, if you have children on the other side of the house what should you do? Try to get to them? Reinforce their door and teach them to lock themselves down? Safe N Secure helps you design a plan that fits you, your family and your circumstances.

What You Choose to Ignore CAN Hurt You. 


"We are not fear mongers. It is your choice to choose to ignore reality or face it the easiest way possible.  At least have a plan of action and do your due diligence about the vulnerability of your home/business, family/associates and yourself.  The great deception about 'preparation' is that you think there is all the time in the world to plan. But then, suddenly something happens. Don’t wait until it's too late.

Bernard Martinage
Safe N Secure 

Get your head out of the bag

The Dimensions of an effective Home Safety audit

It's as much about you than it is about systems. 


A Home Safety audit is not just about how thick your walls are, how well your windows lock or what type of alarm system you have. It should include three critical components:

  • Premise Vulnerability
  • Human Factor
  • Plan of Action

Planning and organizing is one step towards the protection of your family and assets. Safe N Secure not only will assist you drawing the right strategy but we will also assist you in rehearsing so if you ever have to put your plan in action it will go well and be successful.