Feeling vulnerable about going somewhere to do a task? In life, we’ve all had to make some tough trips. From picking up child from an abusing and/or violent spouse in the middle of a custody battle, to collecting late rent from a scary tenant, to transporting valuables.  One phone call to Safe N Secure can make events such as these less stressful.

“Safe N Secure is reliability and professionalism that you can trust.”

 “Safe N Secure has an excellent understanding of their clients. I have personally worked with Safe N Secure on multiple occasions and have always experienced trustworthy and reliable service.”

Rodney Sanchez
FDLE Special Agent (Ret)
Florida Governor Protective Detail.


Safe N Secure agents are bodyguards, not bouncers. We discretely blend in to almost any environment and, when necessary, we don't look like bodyguards. We can accompany you to a board meeting or a tricky social event or anywhere else you need us to protect you.

Many perceive that hiring a bodyguard is expensive and over the top; it needn’t be. A bodyguard is simply someone who has the training and skills to help keep you out of trouble and deal with trouble should it arise.

There is an old but very effective rule that is: if something feels wrong or unsafe, it probably is. It is up to get the assistance you need to face the obligation.

Bodyguards, not Bouncers

Turn Anxiety Into Serenity

“Beyond their excellent service for our company, I've also chosen to enlist Safe N Secure for some of my own personal security needs.”  


"Safe N Secure also provided escort services for my family in specific occasions that justified it. It gave me a great deal of peace of mind".  

Philipp Graves

CEO, Antisyn
Fernandina Beach / Jacksonville

We blend in almost any environment and when necessary we don't look like bodyguards. We can accompany you to a board meeting or an tricky social event or at a business dinner, and be a credible friend or associate.

Rodney Sanchez protecting Governor Scott

Bodyguard Services