Community Security

High Standards

Each residential community has unique security needs. We have both the expertise and equipment to tailor a solution that is a perfect fit for your community. From passive camera monitoring to active patrols, night vision and more, Safe N Secure delivers effective security for your community.

If you have issues with vandalism, theft or break-ins of personal residences or community property, trespassing (off-hour pool use, contractor work outside of specified hours) or dangerous traffic conditions (non-resident speeders), then we can help!

Take advantage of Amelia Island’s only real-time video monitoring station at a fraction of the cost of a guard shack.  Maximize your safety by adding active patrolling. Our patrol cars are equipped with computers that remain online throughout patrol so we can continually monitor our camera-equipped clients, even while we are located in another part of the community. Catching intruders is only accomplished by constant vigilance and getting to the client quickly. Our testimonials speak for us, from HOA presidents to the Chief of Police. 

The icing on the cake is that Safe N Secure can maintains historical photographs of every vehicle that enters your community as well as video recordings of each person our agents have interaction. Our proprietary online portal allows for all reports, to be viewed real-time by Safe N Secure Supervisors and also authorized clients. Review what happened today, last night or last year. Better yet, download statistics about events type of interest.

Let us build a security solution for you!

"Safe N Secure professionalism, management style and overall proficiency is of the highest level." 


“Safe N Secure honors its commitments and manages time well. Safe N Secure management is creative in its approach to issues, using its considerable experience working in similar situations to bring to the fore a resolution to often seemingly intractable problems confronting a community or individual. They display solid analytical skills.”

Kirk L. Gray