High Standards

"Safe N Secure has reliability, integrity and dependability of the highest order." 


“It is with pleasure that we present our recommendation of Mr. Bernard Martinage and Safe N Secure for their exceptional service and dedication to the security of our Lodge Buildings and Grounds.

They have not only helped us understand the manageable risk associated with securing our physical property, but also in protecting our members welfare entering and departing from various meetings held in our facility.

We have found his integrity, reliability and dependability to be of the highest order. His knowledge and experience has been demonstrated not only throughout planning and preparation but also, most importantly, through precise and repeatable execution.”

C. Edward Constant

Secretary, Amelia Lodge No 47

Free & Accepted Masons

No longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Whether you are a small or large school, church or business the risk of being attacked is here. Such was the case with the Utah Megachurch a few years ago, the recent small church attacks, school shooting or the gay nightclub Pulse massacre in Orlando or Luby's diner massacre in Killeen, Texas. Seeing how Muslims attack theaters, clubs, restaurants and touristic venues on a weekly basis in France and England only confirms what has already started in the US as well. No we're not fearmongers for citing these examples, we are realistic about what is happening. Ignoring such warnings is like ignoring your doctor's advice about your cholesterol or blood pressure. Consequences are irreversible and life changing.

In most instances the shootings are ended by an armed citizen or the shooter killing himself when he is done doing as much damages as he/she could, not by law enforcement. In the case of the Utah Megachurch there was a security plan, and the shooter never made it inside the church, resulting in no loss of life. In the case of the Texas small church there was no security, and the shooting only ceased when an armed neighbor went to the rescue of the church and wounded the perpetrator. He then fled after creating multiple casualties.

Securing a business is a process with many components such as:

  • Recognizing the possible and/or likely attack scenarios.
  • Distinguishing the prime targets for terrorists.
  • Recognizing the facility and clientele vulnerabilities.
  • Establishing a Standard of Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Motivating staff or volunteers and clearing them to be on the Security team.
  • Training the Security Team professionally and effectively in the areas that they need to make good decision and be able to not only work as a coordinated team but also be able to defend.
  • Acquiring and/or implementing assets for the protection of the business and its volunteers.
  • And much more . . .

Safe N Secure Can Help You

Achieve your business's desired level of security and keep your Security Team motivated, trained and ready to protect. We have the knowledge, experience, skills and leadership talent to assist you.

We can help because security is what we do, but also as Christians it is what the Bible states in Nehemiah 4:9.

"But we prayed to our God, and because of them

we set up a guard against them day and night."

Business Security