The philosophy of virtually every security agency is: Limit Liability by restricting guards actions to “Observe and Report”. With this philosophy, anytime a guard is “involved” in some sort of altercation he/she faces the likelihood to lose his/her job. This is not a good motivation for them to protect you. I would say that it is counter-productive.

When people hire security they generally anticipate that if danger comes, the hired guard will help or protect them. But evidently it generally doesn’t happen for two reasons: 1) The philosophy of security guard companies as outlined above, and 2) Guards are generally and simply not equipped to even protect themselves because in most instances (unless guarding a bank or a armored truck) they are not armed. That is due to the fact that many people are afraid of guns. Being afraid of guns is one thing, but what kind of help would one get from an unarmed police officer? Probably none. That’s why police officers have guns, and actually, as per a Supreme Court Ruling, the police does not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation  in “Warren v. District of Columbia”. Their guns is primarily to defend themselves. 

When you hire Safe N Secure, you hire more than witnesses, you hire people trained and equipped with the experience, tools and the will to actually protect you. As a matter a fact, we never had a physical confrontation despite having confronted numerous people trespassing or even trying to evade police as described on our home page. How do we do it? A simple look at us and how we are prepared has always been sufficient for trespassers, violators and criminal to back off. And that is all we want: them to go elsewhere or comply with our orders.
See our uniform standard at the bottom of this page.

Do Safe N Secure Agents carry guns? 


Safe N Secure can provide you with armed and/or unarmed security. It is true that many people are intimidated by armed guards, which can create negative reactions towards security from some residents. That is why, unless requested otherwise, Safe N Secure agents do not carry guns on their person during routine daytime patrols and posts. They do carry gun on their person during night patrols and when responding to an emergency or a disturbance. So, you may never see a gun or be intimidated by them, but at the same time you know that real help is here and around the corner. 

Our property manager said that if we contract security that may be armed our insurance will drop us?

As per our insurance company that insures hundreds of agencies across multiple States, we have never heard of a Management Company insurance being dropped due to armed or unarmed Security.  Ask your property manager “Under what condition will their insurance be cancelled”.

The security we provide is not an exposure under your policy, that is why we carry Security Guard Specialty policy, as required by the State of Florida.

One of our clients on the island had been told so by their property manager. We work for them, and they didn't lose their insurance. 

We are told that presence of private security will hurt our property value because it will send a message that the area is not safe and they are problems.
The Plantation has Security. Do you think it hurts their property value? Absolutely not. Au Contraire, visitors are generally impressed that the community has security. It increases the sense of higher living and safety in your community. Just as high-end jewelers have a guard at the door or inside the store. From Underwood in Jacksonville to Cartier of the 5th avenue in NYC. Does it make them look like they have a problem? No it doesn't, it shows that they are high-end jeweler.

Wouldn’t a "Neighborhood Watch" be a better solution for us?

Neighborhood watch program can be good, especially when all the residents are full time residents and in small community where everyone knows one-another, and when everyone is willing to do their part. Neighborhood watch usually are in lower income neighborhoods that cannot afford private and professional security. Neighborhood watch also have a bad name since the Trayvon Martin situation.

If you feel that you can personally vouch for the actions of all the residents in your neighborhood, then, it may be a solution for you. Safe N Secure can even help you get the training and education you need to do so.

Some of the neighbors have stepped up to do security for our condo so we can save the cost of hiring a professional security agency.

Say you have a condo of which a portion are short term rental. Say your issues are short term renters abusing the pool in a variety of ways ranging from bringing alcohol in the pool area, staying after hours, making noise, etc. or surfer coming back from the beach using your showers before walking home a few blocks away, or even simply contractors not respecting hours or parking requirements.

Confronting these abuses is very dangerous because it can have the following consequences:

  • You open yourself to retaliation from the people you will confront. We have heard of contractors employees following the HOA President home to see where he lives.
  • You can end up in a fight and be injured, even stabbed or killed by a drunk guests whom felt you embarrassed him when you confronted him in front of his family or guests.
  • You can end up in a civil right lawsuit by taking a wrong action such as detaining a black kid whom you do not think belongs where you found him.
  • It will definitely affect your social life when you have to enforce legitimate rules on residents you have a relationship with, or choose not to enforce rule the same to everyone.

Let's put it this way: you have worked for decades to earn a living that affords you a beautiful place on Amelia Island. Are you really willing to jeopardize your personal safety and liability to save your community $200 per YEAR per house or condo? We feel that your life and liability is worth a lot more than that.

There is a reason why the State requires agencies like ours to not only be licensed and insured, but that every single one of our agents be State Licensed through background checks, testing on the knowledge of the law and more. There is also a reason why we carry thousands of Dollars of emergency, communication and response equipment. That is so we can protect you effectively.

Can you stop trespassers? 
In Florida, once someone has been warned not to trespass they can be detained for arrest. A warning can be a simple sign that states "No Trespass", or it can simply be an agent asking them to show identification or documentation that substantiates their right to be where they are.

As a Security Agency we have the authority to enforce Florida Statute 810 as it relates to trespass. We can intercept, question and detain trespassers. Once the Police or the Sheriff Department arrives, they will take trespassers into custody and book them accordingly, including fingerprinting, picture, etc.

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