If you are not sure what to buy you will save money and aggravation by taking our “GUN TEST DRIVE” right here in Fernandina!

In that two-hour session you will shoot 21 guns 12 calibers and all sorts of actions to help you get a realistic feel for what fits you best and will be most effective for your need.

Gun Test Drives are private and scheduled to accommodate your availability.

Bernard Martinage


Safe N Secure

Safe N Secure is a licensed Federal Firearm Dealer. we can sell, transfer, order for you, and ship almost any guns anywhere in the US.

YOU can buy almost any gun through Safe N Secure using America's largest nationwide gun auction and sales site.

WE can buy the gun for you, or you can order it yourself by creating an account on GunBroker.com, and we will manage the transfer of the gun to you for a straight $50 fee for up to two guns in one transfer. Just come to pick your gun up when it arrives in Fernandina.


  • We only transfer guns to Amelia Island Residents.
  • We do not transfer NFA items.
  • ​We run a background check on all our clients and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Buy a Gun - Transfer a Gun

Not Sure What To Buy?