Just as in anything meaningful in life, you need to do some work, but we made it a lot easier for you.

"Absolute Perfection"

With over a decade of law enforcement and private corporate security experience, I have seen a lot of programs false advertise product and simply fail to deliver. This program is NOT any of that.

 The material, research, and straight up hard work that went into this program is second to none. I own and operate a small firearms training school in Stuart Florida, and I am proud to say I use the Safe N Secure lesson plan kit for my classes.

 Plain and simple, it works. It really is true, they have taken a very difficult process and turned it into a walk in the park.

 Bernard is a great author and I'm grateful that I can use his knowledge to train, but more importantly......PROPERLY train security officers out in the field.

Vincent R. Onorato
Break Leather Firearms Training
Miami, Florida

"Considering the cost of attending a training school and all that is done, after a few days you are asking, How did they want me to do that maneuver? Here is the solution! You can replay the area of interest and more importantly you only proceed once you master the current session. Money well spent".

Bert Rosado
Olympic Shooter

"Seeking solid practical training and credentials, Explore our Special Tactics Operator Instructor Programs"

Bernard Martinage

​Florida & Georgia Operations

“I have used and implemented the program in my professional life working in Corrections. I recommend this to anyone who strives to become better, the information is simple to learn, teach and is very well communicated.​!”

Dwayne Howell
Chief of Security
Federal Detention Center


"In my professional career both within the military as well as the outside world with a publicly traded company I have never enjoyed a training as much as I did yours, especially combined with the knowledge that I took away from it.

I hope to see in the near future as an industry partner. Should there ever be anything I can do to assist either of you please do not hesitate to ask."

Jay D Warner
Ancient City Armory
St. Augustine, FL

Here's What You'll Get When You Start . . .
Start YOUR OWN AGENCY With Ease Using the SecuriStart Starter Kit! Complete with ALL you need to secure contracts and operate effectively! 

​​It will increase your sales

​​​​It will improve your image

"Tackles All The Basic Needs "

Increase your profits with Safe N Secure student manuals. Manuals are priced to allow you UP TO 80% MARKUP. Whether your school teaches via video presentations of lectures or a mix of both, when given the opportunity MANY STUDENTS DO BUY THE STUDY MANUAL to increase their comfort level with the class and keep as a reference. This is a pure opportunity to upsell your students by providing them with what they want.

Customization and branding of the manuals with your company name, logo and foreword. Nothing sends a more professional message to your students AND your clients than touting a professionally printed book bearing your company logo, name and foreword.  That’s what Fortune-500 companies do! Beyond the value for your students, you can show off your materials to your clients accounts and impress them with the level of professionalism and materials you use to train the personnel that protects them.  You instantly set a whole new standard.


Open A Security Guard School or Security Agency with 90% less work . . . because we have done the work for you!

The Safe N Secure Operator program simply is the easiest way for you to start a security guard school or stay in touch with industry changes, statute updates and increase your quality of training and profit opportunities.  A collection of PROVEN (used in over 30 schools in Florida) done-for-you training materials, templates, self-study systems  and checklists designed to take all the hard work out of making you or your agency look good. You'll have ready-to-use study and training materials you can instantly implement to obtain a Florida DS license and generate more sales and increase the quality of your guard force! These materials have been TESTED by a company that has delivered training to over 500 Certified Firearm INSTRUCTORS that included law enforcement agents, military and security personnel from all areas.  The Licensing Tests have been APPROVED by the Florida Division of Licensing and include all the curriculum changes and requirements to 2015 standard, including the significant legislative updates to the G course about calibers extension and other changes.

Benefits To Starting Now . . .

“This program tackles all of the basics needed for defensive pistol. I went through the entire course myself, and it was so simple I went through it with my daughter. She picked up on it more quickly than I could believe!”

Rick Doughman
Special Warfare Combat Crewman
​Jacksonville, FL

If you are a Security Guard with more than three years of experience, YOU QUALIFY TO START YOUR OWN SCHOOL or AGENCY. The hardest part of the process is creating all the state required curriculum and tests so you can present solid, reliable materials and manage state-approved examinations students can effectively pass.  SAFE N SECURE CAN PROVIDE YOU ALL THAT YOU NEED TO TEACH AND MEET THE STATE CURRICULUM AND EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS. 

You can open a school or Agency with less than 20% of the work​

​​​This is not a get-rich-quick product 

!!! WARNING !!!

It creates logic and attractive opportunities for your customers to spend more, while helping them learn more, learn easier and perform better, all of which make your life easier too. But, evidently you have to have the product on hand and promote it, even in as simple a manner as having a small book stand on your desk for them to see, with the price on it.

If you are a Security Guard Agency and do not train your own guard, YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF THE TRAINING YOUR GUARDS RECEIVED FROM SOMEONE ELSE.  You hope they know what they are supposed to . . . but WHAT YOUR GUARDS DON’T KNOW IS A LIABILITY YOU CARRY. Using our Starter Kit YOU CAN REMOVE THIS LIABILITY by obtaining a DS license for not much more work that completing the state application.

If you are a DI Instructor or a Security Guard School, you face the same difficulties we all do: NOT ALL STUDENTS MANAGE TO FOLLOW THE DEMANDS OF THE CLASS, and a demanding and time restricted class gives you very little room to spend extra time with struggling students. With Safe N Secure Student Manuals YOU CAN SELL TO YOUR STUDENTS THE MEANS TO STUDY AHEAD OF THE CLASS AND REVIEW DIFFICULT TOPICS AT HOME BETWEEN CLASSES, increasing student’s confidence, success, and the reputation of your school.

If you are a K Instructor, you know that IT IS VERY CHALLENGING TO BRING A STUDENT WHO NEVER HELD A GUN, TO ANY LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY in the allotted amount of range time. With Safe N Secure Training Kit you can SELL YOUR STUDENTS THE TOOL THEY NEED TO PRACTICE AT HOME so they are more proficient of range day.


All that is left for you to do is four things:

  • Fill up the application and draw a student contract/waiver.
  • Find a suitable location.
  • Get insurance for your school.

​Everything else is pretty much done.

"Achieve Success at Your Own Pace"!"

Opening an Agency in Florida is fairly simple. What is MOST DEMANDING is documenting your operations to the insurance company to obtain insurance. This can translate into weeks of research and work, and often cost hundreds of US Dollars in Attorney's fees to have a Client/Agency contract drawn, all in the hope that the insurance company will accept it.

We KNOW all of that because we opened our agency over three years ago and have done what you are considering. We offer to you a simple, hard and soft copies of over 50 forms personalized with your agency information, from proposal to contracts to report forms, tickets, car inspection etc. all that we developed to run our profitable agency at the lowest cost possible.

Our materials are professionally written and geared towards guards (not Law Enforcement) and they are up-to-date.  Not only they set a higher expectation but they also can be used as a day-to-day operations reference manual.  However, if the materials are not used properly, their acquisition alone is not going to make a difference . . . You've got to make use of them.

Recently I called a Security Guard School and asked them how difficult was their D test.  I was told in confidence "everybody passes, don't worry about it". That's scary. Did this school train your guards?

"A Personal Thank You!"

"This is a really good tool for me"

Safe N Secure Security Guard Training Manual and Instructor Lesson Plans Toolkit  Exist in two versions:

  • The Florida State approved version, and
  • A 50-State Generic Version designed to meet most training requirements in all States.

These kits are the only available Field-Tested Collection of Done-For-You Training Structure. The Florida version includes State Licenses Examinations, Programs Designed Specifically For B Agencies, DS School, DI and K Instructors and All Security Professionals. We also offer you the ability to train security guards online through our customizable online Learning Management System (LMS) under your own brand! The 50-State Version includes a generic laws outline that you can tune to your State Laws, as well as all the security training components. These "Operator" Programs are the premium tools to Help You Achieve the Business or Personal Licensing You Seek, and, in Florida, if you already are and A Licensed Agency, It will Bring In More Sales, More Clients And More Profits.