When your team of security providers . . .

  • Holds 11 State licenses relating to security, training and firearm;
  • Includes the author of 3 security and firearm training books, one of which used by over 60 State licensed agencies; 
  • Operates one of only 28 Simunition Certified Civilian Training Center across 10 States; 
  • Trained over 680 Certified Firearm Instructors from all branches of services and backgrounds;​
  • Manages two training facilities that incorporate two shooting ranges, one of which includes tactical bays, a 1.5 miles amphibious jungle course and the only civilian-accessible 360-degree ballistic shoothouse in a  300 miles radius;

      And is comprised of . . .

  • Florida State licensed Private Investigators
  • NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors
  • USCCA Certified instructors and Training Counselor
  • Certified Law Enforcement Firearm instructors
  • A Registered bodyguard since 1994
  • Martial Art instructors 
  • French/Belgium 1er C.I.T.E. with two deployments in the Congo (October 1985 through March 1987 and July, August 1988).

You KNOW this is the right team to trust with your personal safety and residential/community security service to handle a wide variety of safety issues.